Anti-Fracking Ritual at Castlerigg

There are a lot of pagans in the north-west who are passionately anti-Fracking. It’s not really a surprise that when The Warrior’s Call went out asking people to take part in an open ritual at Glastonbury Tor or, if they couldn’t make it, to set up their own Pim van Elzen decided to take up the challenge. Just as King Arthur will be doing at Stonehenge the tall Dutch Druid living in Egremont has a great ritual planned out for Castlerigg on the 28th September at midday. This is the day when the current drilling licence for Quadrilla (the company who have been performing exploratory drilling in Balcombe, Sussex) expires.

Future drilling licence applications are currently being considerd and Pim describes the 28th September as a milestone in not only the history of the fracking industry but also for the safety of Albion’s ground and surface water supplies, as well as for the plants and animals that depend on it. In fact he would expand upon that to claim it as a milestone for the debate on fossile fuels versus renewable energy, for the battle against climate change and a milestone day for life on Earth as we know it. This is why he, and many other pagans are so passionate about the public anti-fracking rituals.

As with the rest of the rituals taking part across the UK this one will begin at noon on the 28th at the Castlerigg stone circle. All are welcome to participate in this open ritual Pim explains but he asks that basic ritual ettiquette be followed, in that if people join in and then decide they want to stop that’s fine but they shouldn’t disturb the rest of the ritual for others. The ritual has been designed from a Druidic start-point but it’s appropriate for those of all paths and faiths to take part in.

The gathering at Castlerigg is likely to be a sizeable one and will use the power of the elements and their relationship to the directions people have travelled from to raise energy in the ancient stones. The energy raised will be given to the Earth for healing and protection against fracking. If you want to lend a hand to heal the damage done by Quadrilla and you can’t make it to Glastonbury then the group of local pagans will be more than happy to see you at Castlerigg.

For more information head over to the West Cumbrian Pagans facebook group or the event page on facebook for the ritual.

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