The North West district is made up of six regions, each with their own coordinator, feel free to drop any of us an email.
Contact and further regional information for each co-ordinator are listed on the contacts page, linked to above.

Explore our site as there is plenty of information contained within, from moots to events, to links for related websites. If you have any comments or suggestions please do contact us.


  1. Deborah says:

    The only gathering I have ever aenttded was a Pagan Pride event at IPFW. Since it was the first attendence was small, but everyone was very nice even after I admitted I considered myself a Christian Wiccan. lol I’m much more eclectic now though.I have been halfheartedly looking for a group to join since about January. Halfheartedly because between the blog, my life, and my kids I just don’t think I’d have time to properly devote myself to the group. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana so there just isn’t much of a pagan community. I have met a few mice people in passing at the local bookstores but that’s it. As far ad the online Pagan community, it really varies. Several years ago I was a regular poster at a Wiccan forum and for some reason rubbed many people the wrong way. I’m very opinionated and the site was very clique-y so if I ticked off one person I ticked off the whole group. There my Christian Wiccan tendencies were not as accepted either. Since then I have stuck to blogs, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter were I have yet to have a negative experience! Honestly, I think it’s just because I’m more mature and more tactful. I’m certainly not less opinionated though. lol

  2. Krko says:

    Wow. This is EXACTLY where I want to be. I have only recently (last few years) come’ to paiangsm; it turns out that I had already been there, just didn’t know what to call it, having reasoned out my beliefs over time.I’m so very interested in the intersection between paiangsm & philosophy. Are there any texts out there that explore that?

    1. Mish says:

      Depends what you mean by Paganism and Philosophy. There’s a lot of texts out there. What’s your starting point – you don’t really say what your slant of paganism is.

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Pagan Godparenting

A conversation in a pub moot last night seems worth discussing here. The topic being what do we, as pagans, do about godparents? The traditions of this country reflect the christian perspective which appoints people to take an interest in the spiritual development of the child. That, obviously, would not be appropriate for most pagan …

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No Conference This Year

Alas, there will be no conference organised by PF North West this year. However, the ever excellent PaganCon will be going ahead in July at the Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Club. Details can be found on facebook .  

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